2008 U.S. Adult Championships - Lake Placid

April 9 - April 12, 2008.

Members of WFSC Lake Placid Team

A few WFSC adult skaters stroll down main street in Lake Placid.

Shown from left to right are Ann Merz, Jim Wilson, Bridgette Pfeufer, Randy Glasner, Dennis Palaganas, Beth Delano, Mary Jean Huebner and young Mr. Pfeufer.

Other competitors not shown include Mark Adams, Lisa Breece, Pam Bozzi, Mary Beth Bullock, Anne Davis, Carol Dors, Tim Fisher, Dona Halden, Borden Lee, Janet Long, Delsie McCoy, Barbara Murry, Gaby Rudderow, Robert St. John, Caroline Thorington, Stephen Trzaska, Richard VanCamp, and Coach Lydia Paley-Hume.

Results of WFSC skaters

Photo by Deb Spence

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